Every wind that blows

The wild Atlantics, scouring the shifting sands of the machair.

Redshank and goose, rising in displays of protest and distraction;

The eyebrights and forget-me-nots rooting down, steadfast; weathering the storm.

Boreas, advancing from the north

Wrapped in furs, cold breath shrouding the mountains and carpeting the land;

The ptarmigan and mountain hare in winter cloak, awaiting the rising of the weak sun.

And from the East, the mighty stag crashing through the forest,

Veiling the pale moon with misty breath;

Showering the earth with cold, piercing rains; dagger like upon the skin.

Soon the Solstice; birch logs burn,  days grow longer; rebirth.

Wood Anemones, caressed by lighter rains, roused by the strengthening sun;

Stronger with every wind that blows.