AyeRight's key aim is to encourage all public and third sector agencies to be mindful of their human rights and equality duties when designing policy

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To achieve this we offer remote scrutiny and advice or site visits, workshops or interim management services

AyeRight has over 30 years’ engagement with human rights and equality work at national and international level, qualifications in International Human Rights Law and Mediation/Conflict Resolution and experience of reporting and presenting to United NationsCouncil of Europe and European Commission committees, sessions and hearings; AyeRight has the skills, knowledge and experience to advise, monitor and evaluate organisation and agency policy and practice.

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Remembering Dale Farm

The following gives an overview of the latter stages of the 10 year long struggle to halt the eviction of eighty families resident at Dale Farm, Essex.  The eviction went ahead on 19th October 2011.  The article itself has no conclusion – I would have liked to write that the eviction caused such outrage that…

Is our community development effective?

  I watched a programme about effective altruism last night.  The main points discussed were what approaches, and by whom, were most effective.  It got me thinking about the what and who by and for of community development approaches – empowerment, participation and so on. At the core of the altruism debate was funders, who…

Ice Cream for Crow

    Watching a documentary on Don Van Vliet (Captain Beefheart) reminded me that my critical thinking developed against a backdrop of psychedelia, a sub-culture associated not only with psychedelic drugs, imagery and music but also with critical consciousness – a state of mind where ‘the ability to recognise and analyse systems of inequality and…