So it goes

Searching for some weekend viewing, we stumbled upon Netflix’s Russian Doll.  At less than thirty minutes long, each episode gives just enough to puzzle its meaning and wonder what the next one will bring.  It’s a roller coaster of a watch but even so we are rationing consumption to  Saturday evenings.  Last night we reached episode five.  Not wishing to spoil your viewing we won’t give the plot away but suffice to say, as metaphor goes, we were reminded of the groundhog days we find ourselves living in.  As with the UK’s  current ‘Dear Leader’ and Brexit, the lead character is situated within a continuous loop of death and rebirth – always returning to her original starting point in her search for answers and solutions.  Perhaps therein lies the problem or indeed the solution for Theresa May and her Cabinet? 

We’ve another three weeks before Russian Doll reveals its ending.  For Brexit it’s looking like we will have a much longer wait – so it goes.